About Matty Studios

About Matty Studios

Our Mantra -

We love design in any shape, form and color.

Here at Matty Studios we produce dynamic visual design for web, print and all other mediums. We’re not concerned with volume, as we prefer to focus on quality because the work that we create for you is a direct reflection of us and it is our business card.
"Our passion for dynamic, gorgeous design and the little details comes through with every click of the mouse"
Sounds like a pretty good little studio eh? Why not head over to contact and fill out our form, it you can tell us a bit about your project and we can start creating today!

A little about the man behind the curtain -

A self diagnosed media junkie and design aficionado who notices the pattern of the textile weave in the cup of Tim Horton's he drinks every morning. Matthew Beverly has worked with the large and the small and just about all those in between. He rocked out with Keisha Chante and Solan while designing their albums, had his hearing impaired shooting Schumacher on the Formula 1 circuit with Sutton Images, and helped in all the faucets of artist creation at BMG Sony, but all of this is evident in the portfolio's web, print, and photo the level of skills involved here.

After all is said and done Matthew prefers a good old fashion handshake over a 10 page contract, he values honesty, humor, and passion above all. Always on the lookout for challenging and fresh projects that can continue to push his skills and in the end deliver a truly creative and successful project. If you’re curious as to what he is up to lately head over to the news section of our site.

Story Resources -

Career Highlights -

Designer, Photographer - Sony BMG

Shot on the F1 circut with Sutton Images

Designed over 100+ logos

Created over 50+ websites

Designed original Autotrader.ca

Designed Maple Leaf Forever - book

Launched numerous companies

Artist Brands/CD's - Sloan, Kiesha Chante, Gino Vanelli, Shawn Desman, Canadian Idols, Project Orange, OOYM, In Essence, Ryan Malcolm, Kalan Porter, etc

Worked with - Sony, BMG, MGM Grand, The Beatles, Cirque du Solie, Ink, Weedman, Tylenol, Lapband, Botox, AutoTrader, Firefly Publishing, etc

Quotes -

"Matty's passion for art & design came through when putting our company website together, clean crisp images coupled with carefully conveying our true branding message" - Richard Mehta . Director - Ergogenics Nutrition
"V.8 is a true accomplishment for clean, sleek and organized code . . and with a new appreciation for fresh content I will do everything in my power to keep a monthly update onging." - Matthew . Owner - Matty Studios Inc.